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Enrich your holiday season by honoring the people that have shaped your life.

Remembering and recording the lives of loved ones that were cremated is

as important as remembering and recording the life of a person that

received a traditional burial.

Memorialization is about making memories permanent. This video portrays

the story of a father, a son, and some tender moments that were recorded

in stone for the generations to remember.

An unlikely way to remember a Father and Grandfather! Let’s create a

better way to remember the people we love.

A grave marker is one of the only pieces of artwork that an average family

will ever buy. These hand-made tributes to the life of a loved one serve

many important purposes for a grieving family, but they are also an

important permanent record that will tell an individual’s story to the

generations that follow.

Remembering should be beautiful, functional, and accessible.

Remember the people you love, in the places you love!

A scene on a monument can come to life in the thoughts and memories

of loved ones. A memorialist (monument builder) can capture your stories

in stone so that you and your family can reflect on a life well-lived.

It has often been said that monument builders tell stories in stone.

This is the second video in a three video series that shows how a good

monument builder can tell a story in stone.

Memorialization is about healing the people that mourn

your loss and recording a little bit of the flavor of your character for the

many people who will follow after you.

The memory of a loved one is the most important thing we have to hold on to after

their passing. Memorialization ensures those memories last and can be shared with

others for generations to come.

Remember the people you love in the places you love!

During a time and season that has come to be characterized by Black Friday

deals and record breaking travel congestion, taking a little time to honor the people

that shape our lives can help mend that part of us that is often neglected by

the pressures of our workaday culture.

How would your Mother want to be remembered? Let’s create a better

way to remember the people we love!

Who’s your hero? Memorialization is about recording the stories of the

every-day heroes that impact our lives more than any other people on earth.